Piet Hein

1905-1996. Life started rather conventionally for Piet Hein.
His father and mother were an engineer and an ophthalmologist,

Piet Hein’s childhood and adolescence in Copenhagen ended with his obtaining a general certificate from the Metropolitan Grammar School, and subsequently Piet Hein took the introductory course in philosophy at the University of Copenhagen in the autumn of 1924.

Afterwards the life of the now 19 year old Piet Hein became anything but regular. For a time he left the university in order to attend private art schools in the capital, and he spent some time as a student at the Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm as well.

Piet Hein came back to Denmark and apparently he changed his
course again studying philosophy and theoretical physics at the University of
Copenhagen, at the Technological University and at Niels Bohr Institute.